7 types of condoms to increase sex timing and extra pleasure

There are 7 types of condoms to increase sex timing and extra pleasure and everyone knows how to use them. But only a few men know how to use condoms/contraception properly.

Many types of condoms are being sold cheap and expensive in the market. They all know that they are right for sexual hygiene.

The matter of sex timing and extra pleasure can be fulfilled only by using the right condom. Also, by using condoms properly, sexual problems can be overcome to a great extent.

Different types of detention are made according to the needs of men. Many men are unaware of this information and buy condoms only on the basis of brands, flavors, dots.

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Benefits Of Condoms to increase sex timing and extra pleasure

Benefits Of Condoms to increase sex timing and extra pleasure | jhakaas Man
7 types of condoms to increase sex timing and extra pleasure | Jhakaas Man

Urologist Dr. Rajesh Kumar told condoms to be the most important thing for sexual hygiene. It has negligible harm compared to other sexual medicines. That’s why Dr. Rajesh Kumar says that it is safest to use condoms.

Dr. Rajesh Kumar told about the benefits of condoms. Also said that for this the type of condom has to be understood. Here’s how to use these fancy condoms:

7 Types Of Condoms for Men Extra pleasure

Earlier only plain condoms were available. Which were sold under the name Mithun, Nirodh. But now many types of fancy condoms are available in the market. These deterrents come in a variety of types depending on the brand, flavor, and size.

  1. Flavored Condoms
    There are plenty of flavored condoms available in the market. Many flavors of Nirodh like Chocolate, Strawberry, Green Apple are being liked by the people. Their fragrance won the hearts of the people. But you should also know about its use.

Flavored condom use
Such detention is not used for intercourse. But in India,
it is used wrongly because oral sex is not legal in our country.

  1. Regular Condoms
    Regular condoms are being sold in the market for a long time. These are perfect for those who don’t like fancy condoms. Most of the men can use them. Also, its side effects are also very less.

regular condom use
This type of contraception is used only for contraception and sexual hygiene. If you do not have any kind of sexual weakness then it is right to use it.

7 Types Of Condoms for Men Extra pleasure | Jhakaa
7 types of condoms to increase sex timing and extra pleasure
  1. Dotted Condoms
    Dotted condoms are also very much liked by people like flavored condoms. These are available in both flavor and plain types. But it is not that anyone can use it. So understand this.
  • Dotted Condoms
  • Extra Dotted Condoms
  • These are also of two types. Yes, but their work is similar.

Use of dotted/extra dotted condoms
If your partner does not like regular and flavored condoms, then fulfill this wish with dotted condoms. Because extra-dotted condoms help make intercourse more fun. There is no problem with their dots.

  1. Thick Condoms
    Such detentions are not very thick. But you can call them thicker than normal condoms. These are considered right to remove many types of sexual weakness of men.

use of thick/coarse condoms
Men who have complaints about the thickness and premature ejaculation of their penis. Such restraints are considered effective for them.

If you do not have such a problem, then do not use such thick condoms. Also, people whose condoms break should also use such deterrence.

  1. Thin Condoms
    These condoms are very thin. But can’t explode. For this you have to take care of the brand. But men suffering from problems like premature ejaculation should not use them.

use of thin condoms
These condoms create extra sensations due to their thinness. It is said that after applying these you will not feel like wearing a condom. So use this type of detention for extra pleasure.

  1. Latex Condoms
    Latex condoms spread the most. Because of this, there is no fear of their bursting. But they should not be used without the advice of a urologist because they also cause harm.

latex condom use
Men whose penis size is larger than normal should use latex condoms. This makes the condom fit perfectly and does not break.

7. invisible condom for men For sex

Invisible condoms (Super Ultra-thin for high sensitivity) are the thinnest condoms in India, for deep connection and true deep contact, Lubricated and Straight Wall Condoms: Transparent, natural latex condoms shaped with a teat end that are easy to use to provide a better fit during sex

Great sex can be an incredible way to bring two people closer together. For a feeling of deep connection and genuine deep contact, a thin condom can make all the difference. Invisible Condoms – The thinnest condoms in India, designed to provide the same high level of protection and protection but with super ultra-thin latex for greater sensitivity, are designed to feel more natural

How to Use Invisible Condom

This was the information related to condoms, knowing this, you can use condoms according to your need. Expert of male sexual diseases Dr. Raman Tanwar has given all this information. You can also buy condoms with the help of these tips.

Conclusion – Types of condoms
Everyone knows the benefits of using condoms such as contraception and safe sex. But very few people know that using the right type of condom can get rid of Erectile Dysfunction as well as Extra Sex Time and Extra Pleasure. Therefore, while choosing a condom, keep in mind your need. This allows you to get the most out of condoms.

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