9 Beard Styles Of Virat Kohli That Makes You A Style Icon

9 Beard Styles Of Virat Kohli That Makes You A Style Icon, Indian cricket team captain Kohli is not just a star off the ground. He has the same craze off the ground as well. He is known as much for his stylish looks as he is for his great batting. He is always alert towards his game and fitness.

If the world is crazy about his game, then the craze for his facial look is no less. Youth follow his hairstyle and beard look. Due to his beard style, Virat is also seen as a style icon among youngsters.

Virat Kohli himself has publicly admitted that he is deeply in love with his beard look and he is not even thinking about removing it at the moment. People say that when Virat was not married and was in a relationship with Anushka, Anushka had expressed in an interview that Virat’s beard look attracts her a lot. Since then, Beard has become a permanent identity of Virat Kohli’s face.

The looks of this player of Gentleman game are also like Gentleman. Even more so off the field. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing beard styles of Virat Kohli.

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  1. Young Lightly Stubbed Beard Style
9 Beard Styles | Jhakaas man

Virat Kohli then started making his mark in the world of international cricket. Do you remember his face at that time? It is possible to remember. If you don’t remember, then let us tell you. Absolutely teenage looks. A childlike face is full of innocence. Beard had just started knocking on the face.

He was the younger version of Virat. The razors might not have started showing their awesome then. Whatever facial hair was there, it was in its natural form. Untouched by a stylish touch. He might just have been shaving occasionally. But then she too had her own beauty. The light-bearded Virat must have then surely started taking his initial steps on the path to becoming the heartbeat of many.

2. Goatees and Mustaches with Trimmed Scruff

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When a young man is on the threshold of youth, what is his beard like? Just on the chin, the beard starts getting a little thick. There is little hair growth on the face. At this stage, the mustache has grown on the face, but its hair is very soft.

This look of Virat Kohli was also amazing. He had kept the hair on the back of the neck trimmed scruff looks. The mustache was kept thick and the beard on the chin was long and thick. This was his very amazing look.

  1. A Full goatee with a detached mustache
9 Beard Styles Of Virat Kohli That Makes You A Style Icon | jhakaas man

With a little difference, the style changes, and the look changes. Your total appearance makes a difference. The style of Virat Kohli became quite popular. Fully grown beard on the chin. That means a very thick beard. But there is only a small gap between the mustache and the beard. Meaning Beard and Mustache detached from each other. It gives a makeup look to your face. This is because we cannot call it a natural look. Yes, it doesn’t hurt to call it a celeb endorsement look.

  1. Medium Stubble Beard Style

This style is very much in trend these days. This style is very much in trend among the young generation. People like to have a very thick and long beard. Virat also followed this style and made it very popular. When Virat Kohli got the beard shaped in this beard style, the craze for it increased a lot among the youngsters. You can accept this perfect casual style.

  1. Long Stubble Beard Style
9 Beard Styles Of Virat Kohli That Makes You A Style Icon |Jhakaas man

o follow this beard style, you have to wait till the beard is thick. This beard style suits only those people, whose beard is long and also very thick. Virat’s beard fulfills both these requirements.

If you are able to take care of this beard style of yours, then it is okay and even if you are not able to pay much attention, then there is not much harm. Just meant to say that it doesn’t seek much care. You can also make your look amazing with normal or average care.

  1. Sharply Cut Beard
9 Beard Styles Of Virat Kohli That Makes You A Style Icon | Jhakaas man

This was another famous beard style of Virat, in which he kept the edge of the beard very sharp. It was a very nice style. Especially if it is a formal occasion and you are wearing a formal dress like a suit, etc., then everyone cannot remain fascinated by this beard style.

  1. Ducktail Beard Style
    The ducktail beard style is very stylish and very popular these days. People especially youth are liking it a lot. For this also, thick hair with a defined beard pattern is necessary. Why is it called a ducktail after all?

Actually, it covers the full face, which looks like the tail of a duck. This is a very popular beard style, which requires a little trimming. And a little grooming too, so nourishment with beard oil is necessary.

  1. French Cut with Trimmed Scruff

Think of it as a beard-hair combo style. This is a very gentle look beard style. French cut is normal, but the haircut is very sharp. This hairstyle requires high maintenance. This style suits Virat Kohli very well. This is a very stylish-looking cutting, which is considered perfect for all formal occasions.

  1. Corporate beard style
9 beard styles of virat kohli  | jhakaas manthat makes you a style icon

Virat Kohli has been trying out new hair and beard styles. The corporate beard style is also one of them. In this, the side hair of the beard is taken towards the top. The hair on the chin should be very thick in this. Only then can the complete corporate beard style be shaped.

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