Every husband and wife make these mistakes in the initial months of marriage

These are the mistakes every husband and wife make in the early months of marriage – Main grooming newlyweds take note – There is no doubt that no one is really prepared to deal with the situation that comes after marriage. Even though you may have paid attention to the small nuances before marriage after marriage all couples make mistakes.

Marriage is a very beautiful feeling of life, in which not only couples have many emotions attached but they also try everything possible to make their relationship stronger. That is why it has been said that the first months of marriage are very important for every married couple, where they understand each other as well as make many such promises, which make them feel close to each other. does it.

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It is a different matter that at the beginning of the relationship, the tag line of ‘My life is with you’ seems very good, but as time passes, the debate starts on the same things, the biggest reason for which is ‘I am with you. And the journey from ‘my’ to ‘us and our’ has been considered. Actually, the couples enjoying their married life make many such promises among themselves, but after a time it becomes difficult for them to keep these promises, due to which the husband and wife start fighting every day. In such a situation, today we are telling you, about those things which are done especially by the newlyweds.

Every husband and wife make these mistakes in the initial months of marriage - Men Grooming
Every husband and wife make these mistakes in the initial months of marriage – Men Grooming

It cannot be denied that the interface of social media has increased a lot in the lives of all of us than before. We do not leave any chance to copy everything from wedding preparations to couples photos.

While it’s okay to do this for a day or two after the wedding, it doesn’t mean that you end up expecting the same things you’ve been looking for in every moment of your life. That’s because everyone has their own way of running a relationship. What you see on social media is not necessarily true. After marriage, boys should not tell these things to their mothers.

husband and wife make these mistakes – Men Grooming

give time to friends

It has been seen in most couples that after marriage, they start completely ignoring their friends. This is because they become dependent on their partner for every little thing, which is very wrong. Till the honeymoon period, you will not face any problems with your partner, but as soon as you return to your work, you will start feeling lonely. So make a proper distance between your partner and friends. Do not stop meeting your friends even after marriage.

partner can also make mistakes

Expecting your partner that he will not make any mistake after marriage is not only cheating on yourself but it can also weaken your relationship after a while. Yes, you may find it strange to hear this, but at any point in life, a man can make a mistake.

In such a situation, not only should you be able to forgive your partner, but during this time it is also very important to have an emotional connection with your partner so that the feeling of your love is not limited to just physical touch.

sharing personal things

At the beginning of a relationship, even though you may find it a small thing to share your personal things. But later it can become a serious issue. how? If after some time either of you forgets to screw the cap on the paste or it dries out, one of you will get really excited, after which you are sure to keep the same separately.

However, it’s okay to split things up occasionally. But if you use the same things every day, fights are bound to happen. It is best that both of you make sure beforehand who is using the same thing.

Finance Management

Within a few weeks of our marriage, I realized that my husband was a spendthrift. On the other hand, I was and still am a person who believes in saving. So, we used to argue a lot about our spending habits, and also had a hard time deciding how to share household expenses. It took us about six months to figure out a mutually acceptable way to manage our finances together.

I’m bored

Before marriage, we never lived together and used to make time to go out on dates. But once we started sharing the same roof, our life got boring. I used to remember our pre-wedding days where we used to go on fun-filled dates every weekend. Unfortunately, after three months of marriage, that allure of being together faded away, and all my dreams of an exciting married life were ruthlessly shattered. I even googled “how to spice up your married life” once to find a solution to this!

adjusting to in-laws

Every husband and wife make these mistakes in the initial months of marriage - men Grooming
Every husband and wife make these mistakes in the initial months of marriage – men Grooming

After marriage, I found it very difficult to adjust with my mother-in-law. I was only 23 when I got married, and he expected me to handle household responsibilities to the fullest. The funniest thing was that I had to struggle even to make a perfectly round chapati! But with time things got better.

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