Powerful Factors That Prove Telemedicine Is The Future Of Healthcare Communication

Powerful Factors That Prove Telemedicine Is The Future Of Healthcare Communication | Men Grooming By Jhakaas Man

Powerful Factors That Prove Telemedicine Is The Future Of Healthcare Communication. The Pandemic Is One Of The Many Issues That Have Been Faced Earlier. 

In Such Crucial Situations, We All Took Comfort By Staying In Our Homes To Protect Ourselves From The Deadly Virus. 

In All Cases, Businesses Were Shut, People Were Asked To Stay At Home And Many Other Restrictions Were Imposed To Safeguard Everyone. 

While Such Situations Come In With A Surprise, Different Sectors And Industries Need To Come Up With A Plan To Have Their Services Running Despite The Odds. 

Here Was When Remote Services Came In. 

The Blend Of Remote Services With The Online World Made It Easy For Businesses Or Service Providers To Engage With Their Audience. 

With The Use Of Telecommunication Platforms, This Process Became Easier. 

While Several Factors Benefited From This Process, There Is One Sector That Will Continue To Benefit Even When The Situations Like The Pandemic Disperse In Time, The Healthcare Sector. 

App For Telemedicine Brings The Hospital Closer To Us Via This Technology Solution. 

By Using The Secured Healthcare Messaging Solutions, Telehealth Sectors Can Expand The Efficiency Of Their Operations, Cater To Patients Without Location Restrictions, And Make It Easy For Any Patient To Access Healthcare Services Anytime. 

Hence To Help You Understand The Impact Of The Telemedicine App Better, This Quick Blog Will Guide You Through Well.

Let’s Get Started. 

Cater To Waiting Patients Better  | Men Grooming By Jhakaas Man

Have You Ever Pushed Your Thoughts Away From Visiting A Doctor Just Because You Have To Wait Your Turn? 

Generally, When Booking Appointments Or Consultations, Due To Heavy Traffic On Certain Days, Patients Are Asked To Schedule Their Appointments On A Later Date. 

While This May Work For Certain Serious Patients, For Those Who Require Urgent Sessions, Waiting Might Not Be A Feasible Option. 

The Reasons Being Having Multiple Thoughts About Whether They Should Get Into A Session And Not. The Best Example Here Would Be Mental Health. 

Do You Know Why Many People Don’t Seek Help From Doctors Because The Waiting Time Gives Them Time To Analyze Whether It Is Worth The Communication Or Not? 

The Number Is Huge And Since They Choose The Latter, Their Mental Health Issues Deteriorated With Time. 

Luckily A Telemedicine App Prevents It From Happening. 

When You Invest In The Best Telemedicine App, They Have Various Ways Of Engagement, One Being Chat. With This Chat Platform, The Above-Listed Patients Can Easily Engage Their Issues And Seek Medications For The Same. 

Let’s Understand This Better With An Example: 

Adam Needs Medical Help. He Gets On The Website And Contacts The Hospital. He Realizes That The Line Is Busy And Tries Again. After Failing To Reach One Of The Staff Members, Adam Decides That He Doesn’t Want To Reach Out To The Hospital And Moves On. 

After A Few Months, Adam’s Health Worsens, And He Gets Admitted To The Hospital. If He Would Have Held On A Little Longer, He Wouldn’t Have To Face Such Serious Consequences Today. 

The Telemedicine App Is Proving To Help Patients Like Adam Seek Medical Help When They Need It. 

This Will Help Hospitals Cater Better To Such Patients And Prevent Their Conditions From Worsening Further. 

Provide High-End Quality Service Without Increase In Operational Costs  | Men Grooming By Jhakaas Man

Let’s Understand This Better With An Example:

There Is A Well-Established Hospital. Every Day, The Staff Caters To More Than 20 Phone Calls. But With The Pandemic Hit, The Phone Calls Start To Increase With Multiple Patients. 

Due To This, Phone Lines Were Busy For Longer Times And Patients Started To Find Other Hospitals That Can Cater To Them. Also, In Order To Cater To All Their Patients, Hospitals Started To Hire More Staff To Conduct The Calls. 

Now While It Is The Need Of The Hour, Could This Expense Be Saved? 

The Telemedicine App Can Save You From Additional Expenses. 

With Telemedicine, Hospitals Can Engage With Their Patients In Multiple Ways. For Instance, Certain Telemedicine App Features Offer Chat And Video Options To Communicate. 

Hence Users Who Prefer Texting Can Engage With The Chat Features. While Those Who Prefer Video Calls Can Do The Same. This Would Leverage Multiple Benefits For Hospitals Such As No Additional Expenses To Conduct Efficient Communication, Better Operational Service Offered, Phone Lines Are Manageable, And Above All Patients Are Catered To Well. 

‘’69% Of Patients Using Telemedicine Platforms During The Early Pandemic Period In 2020 Were Managed At Home With No Need For An In-Person Appointment.’’ 

Provides Delivery Of Efficient Patient Outcomes 

Do You Know How Patient Outcomes Can Be Improved? 

When Patients Are Aware Of How They Can Better Their Health. While Doctors Are Present, Wouldn’t You Agree If Patients Are Well Versed In Healing Themselves? 

Let’s Understand This With An Example: 

Mark Suffers From Sinus Headaches. He Visits The Doctor Every 3 Months To Understand How He Can Reduce It. But With The Pandemic Hit, Mark Wasn’t Able To Meet His Doctor. Hence The Sinus Headache Medication Remained Stagnant. 

But With The Use Of The Telemedicine App, Mark Was Able To Engage With His Doctor Via Chat. ‘’74% Of Millennials Prefer Telehealth Visits To In-Person Doctor Exams.’’ 

During The Conversations, The Doctor Was Able To Monitor Mark’s Frequent Headaches And Prescribed Medicines For The Same. 

Apart From This, Mark Was Able To Understand From The Doctor How He Could Keep His Sinus Headaches At Bay. 

The Results?

Mark Had Fewer Sinus Headaches Compared To The Major Ones He Experienced Six Months Ago. He Is Now Well Aware Of How To Manage His Sinus Issues. 

This Is Exactly How Your Investment In The Best Telemedicine Apps Can Benefit Your Patients. Eliminates Hurdles In Delivering Healthcare Services 

Healthcare Is Still Isn’t Accessible To Multiple Individuals. 

While The Common Reasons Are Not Enough Hospitals In Rural Areas, There Is Also One Factor That Deprives Healthcare Services For Certain Users. 

How Many Times Have You Canceled An Appointment Because You Were Stuck In Traffic? 

How Many Times Have You Missed Hospital Appointments Because You Had Other Things To Cater To? 

While These Absences Are Not On Purpose, They Are Still Pulling You Away From Seeking Medical Help. 

We Are All Busy In Our Lives Which Is Why We Need Something Instant Or Easy To Get Our Remaining Work Done. 

For Instance, If Sally Is Too Busy To Attend The Face-To-Face Appointment, She Should Have Another Option To Opt For It When She Is At Home, Such As Video Calling. If Martha Stays Away From The Nearest Hospital, She Should Have The Option To Have A Session With The Doctor Via A Chat Or Audio Call. 

Technology Has Made Our Lives Easier Which Is Why When It Comes To Healthcare Having An Easier Solution Is The Expectation. ‘’ 69% Of Patients Said Easy-To-Use Technology Would Encourage Them To Book A Telemedicine Appointment.’’ 

Luckily Telemedicine Apps Are The Preferred Solution. 

These Apps Let You Connect With Your Patients From Any Part Of The World In Three Ways – Chat, Audio, And Video Calling. With The Telemedicine App Features, You Can Enhance The Way Communications Are Being Conducted Such As: 

● Conducting Secure Engagements With End To End Encryption 

● Adding Related Features To Enhance The Communication Experience And More With These Telemedicine Apps, The Below Functions Can Be Conducted Smoothly: 

● Book Appointments 

● Collect Lab Reports 

● Book Immediate Consultants 

● Engage With Doctors Anytime

● Easily Chat, Audio Call, Or Video Call Doctors As Per Your Requirements ● Conduct Regular Follow-Ups Without Having To Visit A Clinic 

● Reschedule Appointments Easily 


You Now Have All The Answers You Need To Understand How Impactful Telemedicine Is In The Healthcare Sector. 

Did You Know That You Can Create Your Telemedicine App On Your Websites Efficiently? 

All You Need Is A Great API Provider. Whether You’re Creating A Telemedicine App For Doctors Or Anybody Else In The Healthcare Sector, An API Provider Will Help You Get Started The Right Way. 

Pro Tip: When Investing In A Telemedicine App Development Provider, Ensure It Provides You With The Following: 

● HIPAA Compliant Chat API Solution (HIPAA Compliant Provides Security For Data Shared Or Engaged With). 

● Dedicated Telemedicine App Features To Enhance Your Communication 

So Now That You’re Aware Of The Perks Of Telemedicine, When Do You Plan To Get Started With It?

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