Sex Should be Done Drunk or Conscious

Sex Should be Done Drunk or Conscious – Men Grooming, A few years back, Femfresh, a company that makes women’s hygiene products in the UK, conducted a survey about the sex habit of women. In that survey, an attempt was made to know whether women prefer to have sex while intoxicated or they like to enjoy intimate moments in full consciousness? The results of the survey were shocking, with most of the women taking part in it saying that they are able to enjoy sex well while in a state of intoxication.

Now on the basis of a survey, we cannot say that women should have sex in a state of intoxication for a better sex experience. We tried to know about both the aspects of it. We spoke to some women and girls living in the cities and wanted to know what they think about it. Also, some sexologists and psychologists also helped us to understand this issue. must have sex in drunk or conscious?

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Sex Should be Done Drunk or Conscious - Men Grooming
Sex Should be Done Drunk or Conscious – Men Grooming

What does drunk mean?

There is no fixed measure of being drunk. Someone starts feeling like a drunk with a glass of wine, then someone needs more. Some call mild surroor an intoxicant, while some consider it to be intoxication to be sluggish after drinking. Well, whatever condition you consider intoxication, it was said in that survey that women are more comfortable in sexual activities in a state of intoxication because alcohol reduces the activity of their brain. Shame or hesitation about your dress, your body, or any other kind is gone.
But the other side of the state of intoxication is that during that time you are not fully conscious, then your brain is not able to fully feel the magical effect of sex. Whereas by having sex in full consciousness, every part of your body participates in it in its own way. So we can say that for those who like to do some experiment in sex, then drunk sex is fine for them and that too sometimes. Getting used to anything is not considered good.

Could there be some positive aspects to this as well?

Explaining this, counselor Chandni Mehta says, “There is untold pressure on women from society to stay away from sex, especially on unmarried women. In such a situation, there is a kind of hesitation in unmarried women about sex. Due to alcohol, they take decisions like one nightstand. So for such women, who want to have sex, do not even consider sex before marriage wrong, alcohol can help in making a decision for them.

The issue of her body image bothers Anushka Dey a lot, so she always takes a few drinks before sex. In his own words, “I enjoy sex a lot while intoxicated. When the intoxication of both alcohol and sex comes together, the experience of sex becomes unmatched. It’s not that I’ve had sex only while intoxicated. I have had sex even without drinking alcohol, but I would like to give preference to the earlier experience.

Sex Should be Done Drunk or Conscious - Men Grooming
Sex Should be Done Drunk or Conscious – Men Grooming

Dangerous can be a cocktail of sex and alcohol

Sex counselor Dr. Uttam Dave, impressed by the results of such a survey, cautions those who want to have sex after drinking alcohol, saying, “Whatever this survey may say, but the reality is that getting intoxicated outside a limit is your other activity. Just like it affects sexual activities (lovemaking). Many times women drink alcohol before sex so that they do not have any kind of guilty feeling. But this decision in itself shows that they are feeling guilty about sex. When she regains consciousness, she may regret her decision. In this way, we can say that sex should be done only with full consciousness and desire.

It can also be added in support of Dr. Uttam Dave’s point that having sex while intoxicated can increase the chances of having unprotected sex. Not only this, if we talk about scientific facts, then drinking alcohol causes dehydration in the body. Due to this, the natural lubricant coming out of the vagina of women also comes out less and they do not get that much pleasure in sex. In support of this, we can cite the study of the year 2009, according to which women who have sex after drinking have to work harder to get in the mood. They have to try harder to reach orgasm.

Sex: Drunk or Conscious – Men Grooming

you’d probably have sex under the influence of alcohol or drugs. It can make you feel a lot more comfortable about having sex. This can make your first attempt at somber sex with your partner extremely awkward. It will take time to recover from that mindset.

When having sex while drunk, it’s all too easy not to connect. Sometimes you don’t even remember having sex. Having sex under the influence of drugs can make your mistake and blame alcohol for it. You can have sex with someone with a smaller penis and say, “Oh, I was drunk, I can’t quite remember that.” Or you can cheat on your significant other and say, “Wine forced me to do this”.

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