What else should be done with condom use for safe sex?

What else should be done with condom use for safe sex? The point of sexual hygiene / safe sex is not fulfilled only by using condoms.

What should you do before and after having sex? Nothing is going to happen even by just taking this life. You have to take care of many things even during sex, only then you can avoid sexual infection.

Actually, the activity that any romantic couple does during foreplay before getting intimate, there is a high risk of infection. After all, you cannot stop romancing, in the midst of all this the question arises, how do you maintain hygiene?

To prevent such infection, I spoke to Urologist Dr. Raman Tanwar. I learned from him what things physical relationship couples should keep in mind so that the fun of their romance can be avoided.

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Sexual Hygiene Tips can prove to be effective for your healthy sex life.

What to do before getting intimate?

What else should be done with condom use for safe sex | Jhakaas Man
What else should be done with condom use for safe sex | Jhakaas Man

If you are going to spend romantic moments with your partner, then your body should not smell of sweat and you should not be tired. Also, keep dirty clothes out of the bedroom and go. It would be good if you take a bath and wear a nightdress before going to the bedroom. Before getting intimate, your partner’s mood can also deteriorate due to clothes, so know some important things.

What to keep in mind while doing foreplay?

What is foreplay? The activity you do with your partner before intimate or intercourse is called foreplay. If you want to know the right way to do foreplay, then you can watch its videos on the internet. This can give you the correct information about foreplay. Couples living in a physical relationship should be aware of this.

Don’t give or take a love bite?

Urologist Dr. Raman Tanwar told that sometimes couples lose their senses in excitement. Sometimes they cut off the private part of their partner. The teeth of the human body contain the most bacteria, so it increases the risk of infection. Do not kiss any part of the body. Apart from this, cut nails, etc. so that they do not touch each other.

How to have safe oral sex?

https://www.bbc.com/hindi/science-41707422It is illegal to have oral sex in India. Flavored condoms and ‘condom of the mouth’ are considered right for this in foreign countries. In the report of BBC Hindi, information has been given about oral sex and condom use.

Dr. Raman says that even those who do not use flavored condoms and ‘condoms of the mouth’ can avoid infection. Before having oral sex, men should wash their genitals thoroughly with clean water or lukewarm water. Avoid using any kind of thing on your private part. In this way, you can protect your partner from infection caused by oral sex.

For men who do Cunnilingus

When you kiss your partner’s private part, it is called cunnilingus. If you do this then you also have to keep some things in mind. Dr. Tanwar says that before cunnilingus, make sure that the vagina is clean or not.

Shouldn’t the genitals be kissed?

Dr. Raman says that kissing any part is not dangerous. For this, you have to take care of some things before and after kissing. The bacteria which are in private parts are not very dangerous for us. So there is no need to be afraid of them but it does not mean that you should not maintain hygiene.

What to do immediately after having sex?

Many people do not want to get out of bed after having sex. Due to laziness, they fall asleep, so the risk of infection in their genitals increases. On this, Dr. Raman says whether to use a condom or not, but after intercourse, sleep only after cleaning the organs. Also, do urinals. If you urinate, the risk of bacterial infection can be greatly reduced.

What else should be done with condom use for safe sex | Jhakaas Man
What else should be done with condom use for safe sex | Jhakaas Man

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