What to do Immediately After Having Sex

What to do immediately after having sex – It has been revealed in different surveys that while women prefer to lose and sleep in their partner’s arms in the hope of after play and being pampered by the partner, men start snoring without worry immediately after sex. But science says that you should pay attention to some important things instead of getting stuck in bed or going into the lap of sleep after sex. So let’s try to understand what and why should be done immediately after sex according to science.

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What to do Immediately After Having Sex | Men Grooming
What to do Immediately After Having Sex | Men Grooming

After sex, definitely do these 5 things

  1. Go to the bathroom immediately and empty the urinary bladder:

After sex, going to the bathroom and urinating should be the first thing. By doing this work after sex, the chances of urinary tract infection (UTI) in women are reduced to a great extent. Its science is that urination after sex reduces the chances of bacteria growing inside the vagina. Although vaginal lubrication has its own good bacteria, which are helpful in fighting infections, if you can do this on your part, then you will be protected from urinary tract infections and become stronger.

2. Quickly clean private parts:

If you fall asleep immediately after enjoying intimate moments, then change this habit of yours. During sex, the private part becomes a haven for many types of bacteria due to sweat, lubricant, and saliva. In such a situation, if you sleep without cleaning it, then you will definitely invite yeast infection because due to moisture, the private part becomes a suitable place for their growth. So what you do is to wipe the private part with a dry cloth or wash it with water and dry it first. This step of yours will save you from ringworm and itching around the private parts. Encourage your partner to do the same.

What to do Immediately After Having Sex | Men Grooming
What to do Immediately After Having Sex | Men Grooming

3. drink some cranberry juice

This method has been told in many foreign journals. Citing different research in those journals, it has been said that drinking cranberry juice after sex reduces the chances of UTI to a great extent. This juice is helpful in fighting bacteria. The scientific reason for this is that when we drink cranberry juice, instead of getting decomposed in our digestive system, it reaches our urinary tract directly. Reaching there, it kills any kind of bacteria deposited in the bladder wall or path.
Well, it is not necessary that drinking cranberry juice only after sex gives its benefits. In many types of research, it has been found that drinking 240 ml of cranberry juice daily gives relief to women from UTI.

4. take off the underwear

The basis of science’s advice on not wearing underwear after sex is quite simple, the reason is related to moisture. Actually, when we wear tight underwear, there is more sweating around the private parts. Increased moisture increases the chances of bacterial growth. The simplest way to avoid this is to sleep without underwear. If you do not feel comfortable sleeping like this, then sleep with a sheet or wear cotton underwear or loose-fitting pajamas.

5. check the condom

Condoms are the most convenient option for having a safe sex relationship. You have adopted security, but its investigation is equally important. After sex, you and your partner should make sure that the condom was not torn. Of course, incidents of condom rupture are not that common, but it does happen. In the event of condom rupture, the first risk is that of an STD and the second is that of unwanted pregnancy. Of course, after enjoying the best of moments, you would not want to take this unwanted gift.

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  • conclusion

You may wonder why after such a pleasurable experience of sex, why waste time in these activities of sleeping comfortably in the arms of your partner? Believe me, it will take you hardly five minutes, after that, you have to sleep with your partner. Five minutes is not too much for better sexual health.

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